Bryan Hall
The Summer Vacation is the first book in a trilogy by new author Bryan Hall
Justin and Chloe are spending their summer vacation with their grandparent's in Wattling Lock. They aim to get involved with the animals and help their grandmother run the market stall. While exploring old wrecks in the river backwater, Chloe hears a soft voice radiating from the wheelhouse of an old tugboat. Always inquisitive, she looks inside and feebly calls, "Is anyone there?" but there is no reply. This spooked her as she stood alone in the dimly lit cabin and sent shivers running up and down her spine.

Was it her imagination or was the Nene Queen enchanted? She persuades her father and grandpa to salvage the boat and gets the whole family involved in the rebuilding project. With their help, Sam turns an old tugboat into a magical pleasure boat in time for Chloe's birthday. Barnaby has a special surprise for her that is the start of a thrilling new adventure. A family outing to the local steam rally with their friends Annabelle and Toby was an awesome occasion. Justin is beaten in two of the games by Annabelle and has to perform a forfeit, but did he let her win?

Join them as they embark on one adventure after another with their friends Annabelle and Toby. Set in a bygone era in the countryside, the storyline is both warm and compelling as they embark on old fashioned family outings.